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Female Dormitory

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Female Dormitory- Quad  Room


Fee: NT $- / per  Academic Year
Air-conditioning charges: NT$5.0 /1kwh-unit price
Deposit: NT $1,500/ per semester
    The charges of electricity (air - conditioning) and breakages are deducted from Your deposit.

Twin Room

Square footage: 25 square meters
Bed Type: 2 bunk beds or loft beds (195 × 96 cm/ One bed  )
Individual facilities: 1.Student desks and chairs
                                       2.Bookcases multi-layered
                                       3.Clothes cabinets
                                       4.Broadband network
Shared facilities: 1.Make up vanities
                                   2.Air conditioner
                                   3.Room telephone
Public and
leisure facilities
Each floor has 44 bedrooms, Public bathroom (29 bathrooms and 28 toilets),A tumble machine,
    2 sets washing machines and electric water heaters, 2 sets clothes dryers and water dispensers,
    and 4 sets dehydration machines.
Learning Center: Here offer a quiet and comfortable  space for reading.
Life Function: There are softball field, basketball court, and convenience store.
Services and Management  
All residents have to attend student dormitory security drills.
We have a 24hours security guards and surveillance systems.
To pass in and out by swipe card only
Dorm counselors will be 24 hours live on campus, providing services and emergency treatment.
Dormitory will be to apply the one year for a period(excluding summer vacation).
According to the school regulations, accommodation fee and deposit will not be refunded to the
    students who withdraw the dormitory for personal reasons. You will not re-apply for dormitory.


   Public Space  

Parlor Tutorial Area Self-Study Area
Semi-Circular Squre Open-Air Cinema Dump & Recycling
Bike Parking Motorcycle Parking Convenient Store
 Basketball Court  Softball Field Skating Rink

     About Housing Regulations

    1. Check in: August 31, 2018 ~September 3, 2018

         (If you can’t check in during the period, please connect with International Affairs actively)

     2. Accommodation duration : August 31, 2018 ~ June 30, 2019

     3. After checking in, approved students are required to live for a year. 

        (accommodation fee should be paid in the beginning of each semester)

     4.We have entrance guard time: 00:00~06:00.

     5. The opposite sex is prohibited to enter the dormitory.

     6. You can’t cook in the dormitory room, but you can cook in the simple kitchen.

     7. During the accommodation period, please observe the school regulations, and follow the advising of teachers, guidance counselors

         and cadre of the dormitory. Please observe the students regulations and the Group Living Convention, offenders will be punished

         according the school regulations.

     8.If there are any changes, the updated Information will be announced on An official website of the Feng Chia Student Dormitory .